What a session is like 

Ken works from the premise that our bodies have a natural healing ability and a natural healing energy which is constantly rejuvenating us and that his job as a practitioner is to help the client connect with that energy. Each session is different as he has studied a wide range of bodywork methods and sees clients with a wide variety of needs. A session could be:


  • focused on specific physical issues such as neck or back problems
  • working with areas of the body that are constricted and their relation to current emotions and experiences as well as those from the past that have not been fully processed
  • more like a co-meditation, resonating with a very subtle energy that can have a profound effect on helping a client connect with what feels like their deeper self
  • focused on particular brain areas and how they might be related to feelings of stress or depression
  • a way for people of any age to connect to a feeling of vitality
  • working with chakras, elements and energy patterns to help bring a sense of balance
  • a way to restore health for someone who is recovering from surgery or who is discontinuing the use of medication or drugs
  • a verbal dialogue, more like what one would think of as "psychotherapy" to help a client or a couple express, communicate and explore the issues they are currently dealing with