In his craniosacral bodywork, Ken Rubinstein  has a strong attunement to energy in terms of where  it is blocked in the person he is working on. I had deep hip blockages of which I was unaware, that he perceived in his  work with me. The follow-up has given relief to these  blockages. Also, he is sensitive to  emotions/issues which can arise during this kind of work.

R.S. Virginia

I have been a client of Ken Rubinstein's for 11 years. He has a special gift of helping a person connect with something very special within themselves, that is healthy, gentle and strong. In my particular case, he painstakingly helped get me off antidepressants, which were numbing and ill prescribed. Ken helped me reconnect with my joyous self, become clear again and interested in improving my health from within. He has  had exceptional training, but also seems to have the natural ability to  connect to a  a special healing energy and offer it in a session. Ken does not create a system of dependency, on the contrary, he has helped me take charge of my health. Today , my eyes are sparkling and I look forward to booking an appointment with Ken, whenever he is in my area.

Leslie Tapsak
Interior Designer

I sought Ken out because I was specifically looking for a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. I was absolutely thrilled to discover that there was someone here on the Cape doing this groundbreaking healing work. BCST has helped me integrate and metabolize deep emotional and energetic patterns that were keeping me stuck. Before I came to this work I was completely unaware of how unsafe I felt in my own body. My sessions with Ken have allowed me to release blockages that I didn't even know were present. This release has happened in a subtle and unforced manner. I feel more present, confident, and grounded. Ken's personal approach has been particularly helpful. He has provided a very safe and strong container for my personal transformation to unfold in an empowering and authentic manner.


Web Developer

     Through friends I met Ken Rubinstein and became acquainted with his
educational background, outstanding intellect and excellent character.  
When I learned that he is a highly trained craniosacral therapist I
decided, after some trepidation, to try my first session with him.
     Initially Ken manipulated some pressure points on my feet and then
worked on my head. Slowly a sensation similar to a current passed
through me, starting in my head down into the torso and passing
through arms and legs while discharging through my fingers.  The
current intensified to a point where I felt as though I was floating
above the table.
     Slowly the sensation subsided and with it, all inner tension.  
Afterward I felt like a rag doll, longed for a nap and needed to be
helped off the table to regain my balance.  A few minutes later I
realized that I was actually energized.
     To this day I have never experienced a therapeutic session that is
this powerful, memorable, and above all, effective.  Ken is a
consummate professional and I recommend his craniosacral therapy to
anyone who wants to change negative tension into positive energy.

Solveig A. Foster
Consulting Actuary